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Workstations in fully equipped, managed & serviced workplaces. Focus on your people & business, rather than fitting out space, purchasing & managing facilities. In-house support center, community services & networking. 


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Community Events

Community Events foster networking and personal relationships within the community.

Ecosystem Events
Ecosystem Events

Ecosystem Events promote collaboration, foster insights, and create synergies for scientific and technological breakthroughs.



Members enjoy free jogging, game nights, and discussions to enhance health, knowledge sharing, and connections. These activities build community and offer a relaxed, enjoyable environment to meet.


We offer free water, tea and coffee so that our members can refresh themselves while working. This way you can fully concentrate on your work and feel completely at ease

Catering partners offer diverse, delicious food options, including coffee, lunches, and desserts. Gastronomy area fosters connection, idea sharing, and relaxation.


iCITY Reinach offers a wellbeing room for members. Complementary yoga and meditation available. Room use included, guided activities with local partners at extra fee.

Our onsite daycare centers offer reliable childcare through trusted partners. Top-notch care for kids, with costs handled directly. Members can work with peace of mind knowing their children are cared for.

Showers & Wardrobe

Members can jog or return to the office after lunch with ease, as showers and wardrobes are available at all locations. Refreshing anytime is no problem.

Fitness equipment

CITY Reinach provides a fitness room with modern equipment for member use, promoting physical health and well-being. Access is included in service fees.

Help desk

Help Desk supports members. iCITY app's ticketing system for quick requests. Staff ensures swift solutions, pleasant environment.

Post and delivery
Post & delivery

iCITY Reinach provides a central mail and parcel service for members, organizing business letters and parcels. Excludes critical goods and large deliveries. Members receive app notifications for arrivals.


iCITY provides a printer infrastructure for users without requiring any investment. The secure and user-friendly "follow your print" system is used. Billing is based on printer usage.


Seamless Wi-Fi coverage with closed member and separate guest networks. Members securely log in with unrestricted access.

Guest Parking
Guest Parking

In addition, we offer parking facilities for the guests of our members, ensuring their convenience and ease of access.

Nursing Room

For parent members, we offer a dedicated breastfeeding and nappy-changing room at iCITY Reinach. A peaceful space for feeding and caring for babies.

Virtual Reception
Virtual Reception

iCITY's virtual reception and access systems empower guests to find meeting rooms independently, enhancing reception management, workflow, and security.


Our premises' kitchenettes have refrigerators, microwaves, snack machines, and coffee machines to cater to our members' needs. They offer convenient options for food and beverages during work and breaks.


iCITY offers parking for members and guests. Book in advance through the app. E-charging and secure bike parking provided. iCITY meets parking needs for driving or cycling.

Bike Parking
Bike Parking

iCITY locations offer safe and convenient bicycle 
parking for the sporty and environmentally conscious members.


iCITY host and community managers are the go-to support for members, acting as a Single Point of Contact. We ensure a seamless experience, addressing all inquiries.

Waste and Recycling
Waste & Recycling

Eco-friendly waste disposal and recycling for refuse, paper, cardboard, and PET. Centralized points and secure handling of confidential documents provided.


iCITY offers the possibility to store personal items in lockers that can be booked via our App and used as needed. Use is on a first come, first served basis.

Seamless integration
Seamless Integration

Private VLANs for businesses ensure seamless integration. WLAN users are assigned to private VLANs at no extra cost. Private LAN ports in offices are available for an additional fee.

E-Charging Station

iCITY provides EV parking spaces with charging stations for convenient and eco-friendly travel of members and visitors.

Parking space
Parking Space

iCITY provides parking spaces for members that can be used for both short and long periods. The parking spaces can be booked via the iCITY app.


Flex Desk
Flex desk

Flex Desks provide flexible workspaces with "Clean Desk," "First Come, First Served," and "Fair Use" policies. Bookable from one day, they cater to short-term needs with flexibility.

Private Labs

Exclusive workspaces with dedicated stations, specialized furniture, lab tables, cabinets, sinks, and additional services such as media/water supply, lab and  materials access.

Event Space
Event space

Event Spaces for small and large events. Catering solutions available through partners or other suppliers. Furniture and infrastructure tailored to event needs.

Dedicated Desk
Dedicated Desk

Dedicated Desks are for individuals or companies needing exclusive use of a specific desk for a defined period. Adhering to "Clean Desk" and "Fair Use" principles.

Meeting Room
Meeting & Seminar Space

Versatile rooms for meetings and events, adaptable with furniture, A/V technology, and resources. Catering services offered for longer meetings and workshops through partnership.

Private office
Private office

Private Offices offer fully equipped, private workspaces with tables, chairs, and storage. Walls ensure privacy, fostering focused and undisturbed work.


Seamless Wi-Fi. Members: unrestricted access. Guests: separate network. Secure with private VLANs, wired internet on request.

Phone and focus space
Phone & Focus Space

Phone Booths and Focus Spaces are individual rooms for work or calls. First-come, first-served, no pre-booking. "Fair use" rules ensure appropriate usage.

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